About Us

About Houseman & Associates

Houseman & Associates is a customer-focused training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Since 1981, we have provided COR and other acquisition training and consulting services to 12 federal departments, 19 independent agencies, the Administrative Offices of the US Courts, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Our Instructors are seasoned and respected professionals who provide real world knowledge regarding the challenges a COR may face in the field. At Houseman & Associates (H&A) we are dedicated to delivering current and interactive training to our clients.

What Makes Us Different?

UNMATCHED CURRICULA: Our 18-course COR curriculum is the most extensive in the industry. It is designed to embrace the diverse needs and interests of our clients to provide them with multiple ways to satisfy their FAC-COR requirements.

Our Simplified Acquisition curriculum is tiered to provide training and certification for beginners, experienced personnel, and purchasing managers.

Our Appropriation Law courses link funding requisites to easy-to-grasp examples so that participants can learn and apply them to their own circumstances.

DELIVERY: Clients may acquire just-in-time sessions and small-group and individual mentoring. Our trainings can be conducted on or off site depending on the clients need.

INSTRUCTORS: We use only experienced instructors who have been former senior acquisition officials and experts with proven training skills.