Advanced COR (5 Days)


FAC-COR Core Level III Training


Course Perspective: Initial certification training focuses on the acquisition, rules, and procedures. This course focuses on how to effectively select sources and manage contracts. Its covers how to choose and customize select procedures for different requirements; how to assess offeror proposals and render a selection decision; how to prepare for quality/schedule assurance, guide contractor performance, and ensure proper payments; and how to foster a proper business partnership with a contractor.


Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:


  • Recognize that selection procedures may be customized to their acquisition, select a best fit for their requirements, and tailor it to their acquisition.

  • Perform market research, recommend an appropriate contract type, and link work statement requirements to developing evaluation criteria.

  • Develop customized selection criteria, proposal instructions, and an evaluation plan covering panel composition and assignments, evaluation activities and timeframes, a scoring/grading scheme; and evaluator worksheets.

  • Evaluate technical proposals, work out a consensus, and present supportable findings and recommendations.

  • Develop a probable cost estimate, perform a cost analysis, and support a cost realism adjustment.

  • Obtain and review necessary cost and pricing data.

  • Support competitive range determinations and negotiations.

  • Conduct and support a best value analysis using quantitative and non-quantitative discriminators.

  • Prepare a customized COR appointment letter.

  • Develop a quality assurance surveillance plan. and apply a progress monitoring system.

  • Issue timely and proper technical directions including service requests, submittal approvals, and technical clarifications.

  • Recognize and avoid unauthorized changes.

  • Review and recommend approval of a performance-based payment schedule and assess subsequent payments request in line with principles of earned value.

  • Assess interim payment requests for reasonableness of labor and other direct costs.

  • Review and resolve requests for equitable adjustment including application of the “leave-them-where-you find-them rule,” principles of “actual cost,” “reasonable value,” and “making a contractor whole.”

  • Develop and foster a proper COR/contractor partnership including, for onsite contactors, a suitable working environment.

Hours: 40 hours/CLPs are credited for completion of this course. Classroom hours are 8:30 – 4:00. There are after class assignments and a pass/fail final exam.