Contractor Performance Evaluation (1 Day)

FAC-COR Elective Training − All Levels

Perspective: Contracting Officers Representatives (CORs) are responsible for assessing and documenting contractor technical performance. These assessments may be used to (i) detect performance problems and initiate corrective action; (ii) allocate monetary and non-monetary performance incentives; (iii) prepare interim and final performance assessment reports; and (iv) make subsequent source selections.


CORs, as assisted by their colleagues, possess the technical background and expertise to evaluate contractor performance. This course looks to provide tools and related information necessary to establish a performance measurement baseline (PMB), assess performance against the PMB, determine “how well” the contractor performs, and take appropriate action from initiating corrective action through future source selections.


Learning Objectives: After completing this 1-day course, attendees will be able to:

  • Define the contract scope in terms of quality, time, and cost.

  • Establish measures for quality, time, and cost.

  • Set a performance measurement baseline and conduct a baseline review.

  • Form an integrated project team.

  • Prepare a quality and schedule assurance plan.

  • Measure and document performance.

  • Evaluate nonperformance including mitigating circumstances conditions.

  • Link performance to monetary and non-monetary incentives.

  • Prepare elements of an interim and final CPARS Report.


Hours: 8 hours/CLPs are issued for successful completion of this course. Classroom hours are 8:30 – 4:30.