Funds Management  (2 Days)

FAC-COR Elective Training − All Levels

Course Perspective:

This course provides a framework for students from any career occupation within the Federal Government to learn more about how the four disciplines (Budgetary Guidelines, Appropriation Law, Federal Acquisition Regulations, and Accounting and Internal Controls) impact the critical task of managing funds. This framework is necessary for any federal employee who oversees funds as a Manager, Project Officer, Financial Officer, Budget Analyst, Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer’s Representative, or Task Manager to understand the importance of funds management and how it can contribute to a successful completion of organizational goals.  Additionally, this course will provide the tools required to succeed in managing of funds. Essential techniques at the micro level are explored and documented. This course leads participants through Budgetary Guidelines, Appropriation Law, Contract Management, and Accounting and Internal Controls and how best to work in each discipline to manage funds more optimally.

Learning Objectives:  At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop sufficient internal controls and ensure these controls are functioning throughout the process of budgeting, obligating, and monitoring.

  • Understand accounting, budget, legal and procurement influences in managing Federal funds and how best to work in each influence to optimize obligations.

  • Learn how to improve strategies in managing funds to excel as an effective steward of appropriated funds.

  • Apply tools necessary to succeed in an ever-changing budget environment.

  • Reprogram funds to optimize the appropriations. 

  • Apply the three tests of a valid appropriation.

  • Distinguish among various types of contracts and their impact on fund management strategies.

  • Recognize procurement actions that affect their ability to manage contract funds.

  • Comprehend the importance of an Audit and how it can be used to develop funds management strategies.

  • Understand the premises of management or internal controls and the various mandates that require reporting and oversight of such controls.

  • Comprehend report requirements of various mandates used to strengthen internal controls.

  • Gain insight in interpersonal tactics to build collaborative relationship with stakeholders who impact effective and efficient funds management.

  • Exercise and apply knowledge in answering questions, problems and providing solutions to funding scenarios.


Hours/CLPs:Class hours are 8:30am - 4:30pm each day. Sixteen (16) CLPs are issued for completion of this training program.