Negotiation Strategies for CORs (1 Day)

FAC-COR Elective Training − All Levels

Perspective: CORs play a critical role in negotiating sound contract agreements. They identify technical and cost proposal weaknesses and potential tradeoffs. They assist the contracting officer in setting negotiation objectives including target, minimum, and maximum cost positions and must-have, give, and bargaining points. They assist the CO in preparing a negotiation strategy and tactics for achieving negotiating objectives. And they assist the CO during negotiation; determine when/how to alter tactics; and assess results.


This course focuses on how to prepare for and conduct negotiations. It relies upon an integrated practical exercise to reinforce course principles.


Learning Objectives: After completing this 1-day course, attendees will be able to:


  • Define negotiations, when they occur, who conducts them, and applicable rules.

  • Identify the basic negotiation approaches, elements of a negotiation plan, and characteristics of a successful negotiation attitude.

  • Define their role and responsibilities on the negotiating team.

  • Prepare negotiating objectives based upon technical and cost evaluations.

  • Determine must-have, give, and bargaining points and their impact upon setting target, minimum , and maximum cost positions.

  • Assess their bargaining power.

  • Prepare a negotiation agenda.

  • Distinguish strategies applicable to competitive and noncompetitive negotiations.

  • Select/apply bargaining tactics.

  • Resolve Disagreements through problem solving and concessions.

  • Recognize/defuse adversarial tactics.

  • Identify when/how to “close the deal.


Hours: 8 hours/CLPs are credited for successful completion of this course. Classroom hours are 8:30 – 4:30.