Simplified Acquisition Procedures (5 days)


Course Perspective: This course introduces purchasing agents and ordering officials to the simplified acquisition environment. It provides them with the information and tools necessary to review incoming purchase requests; identify the appropriate source of supply; evaluate product and pricing information; issue written or oral orders for supplies and services; and provide purchase follow-up. This training program is designed to ensure that attendees understand the basic rules and procedures applicable to making legal and otherwise proper purchases from required and open market sources.  It also references the latest purchasing techniques applicable to buying commercial items, using GSA Advantage and Federal Supply Schedule purchasing, and publicizing and accessing source and item information on the Internet.


Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:


  • Define and understand the purchasing environment including sources of supply, statutory and

regulatory requirements (including FAR and agency policy), and related procedures.

  • Acquire from required sources including Excess Property, UNICOR, and AbilityOne.

  • Screen sources in GSA Advantage and the GSA E-Library.

  • Screen sources for environmentally friendly products and Section 508 compliance.

  • Place orders through GSA Advantage.

  • Place orders with GSA contractors using “special ordering procedures.”

  • Administer GSA contract delivery and task orders.

  • Comply with open market requirements for competition, small business, and Buy American.

  • Comply with service requirements regarding DOL wage determinations, avoiding personal

services, private sector temporaries.

  • Perform market research, prepare solicitation announcements and requests for quotation, and

evaluate quotations.

  • Solicit quotations and issue orders for commercial items under FAR Part 12.

  • Prepare and maintain adequate file documentation.

  • Receive and properly handle requests for debriefings and protests.

  • Place orders using various acquisition methods including the purchase card, blanket purchase

agreement, and written purchase order.

  • Administer Open Market orders including inspection and acceptance, payment, modifications,

terminations, and disputes.

  • Recognize and adhere to standards of procurement ethics.


CLPs/Hours: 40 hours/CLPs are issued for successful completion of this course. Classroom hours are 8:30 – 4:30. There are after class assignments and a pass/fail final exam.